Scooploop Empowers the User

We are a community site, putting users first. Scooploop cuts the clutter of a noisy feed, meaning you see exactly what you want to see at all times. Whether you’re into; gardening, cars, crypto, cooking, languages, chose the Loops that are right for you. Decide how you want to see and interact with them or simply set your own up and configure them how you wish, Scooploop has got your back.

Our team has worked very hard over the years to make Scooploop what it is today. A platform that connects and enables its users to create their own safe configurable communities. Our tight knit team allows for a very hands on approach, meaning we can listen and implement features our community wants and needs.

Meet the Team

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John Middleton

CEO and Founder

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Wolfgang Hauptfleisch

Head of Product

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Steve Szilagyi

UI/Frontend Development

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Ravi Chokshi

Mobile Developer

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Priya Dhola

Mobile Development

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Anastasya Dmitrenko

UX Design

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Scooploop Ltd is registered with the ICO no ZA305886

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