This sparked an idea at Scooploop HQ. We asked, “Who knows local businesses better than anyone?” The members of our local community – our neighbours – of course. While the people who live around us have always known which local businesses are reputable and worth the money, there wasn’t an easy way to ask them.

We decided to reconstruct Scooploop from what it once was and transform it into a community website. Neighbours are now sharing recommendations, skills and knowledge, getting to know each other, attending local events and enjoying their community.

We offer a simple, non-invasive way to connect with your neighbours, at a time that suits you. We’re still fulfilling our aim of bringing people closer to the best in the business through the power of word of mouth, but we’ve localised the service to benefit our users and help small businesses to market themselves online. We unite local communities and fuse new friendships between neighbours.

Meet the Team
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Caroline Kowins

Support, Business Development

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Alexandra Green

Marketing and Support